Can Adequate Vitamin D Actually Help With Weight?

How important is Vitamin D?

Among other symptoms, if you have severe vitamin D deficiency you may have pain in your bones and weakness, which may mean you have difficulty getting around. You may also suffer from frequent infections.

Most research on Vitamin D of the past has been focused on bone health because of its role in calcium absorption. More recently, the focus has concentrated on Vitamin D’s role in cardiovascular health, cancer outcomes, and in other areas, such as weight loss. Get Sun Lose Weight

Is There An Open Heart Valve Replacement Option?

Is it possible to avoid an open heart procedure for replacement of a valve?

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement, (TAVR), is an alternative in some cases where there is aortic valve stenosis. This hybrid procedure typically is done by a cardiac surgeon and an interventional cardiologist.

When one (or more) valve(s) becomes stenotic (stiff), the heart muscle must work harder to pump the blood through the valve. Some reasons why heart valves become stenotic include infection (such as rheumatic fever or staphylococcus infections) and aging.

This minimally invasive surgical procedure repairs the valve without removing the old, damaged valve. Less Invasive

Why Do Headstands- Daily?

Is doing headstands only for kids?

Learning to do headstands with the help of a yoga pro has amazing benefits, and you don`t have to be a kid to start! Consult your doctor before starting any kind of exercise regimen that might be contraindicated for any pre-existing conditions you may have.

Otherwise get going on it. Doing headstands regularly can reduce stroke risk, improve sex, cleanse body systems, improve circulation and even restore hair color. StandUpsideDownMore

Why Healthy Barbeque Marinades?

Do you already know of the dangers of char-grilling meats? Most people know that there is some health risk to charring meats while cooking. The taste of grilled meat is awesome to some and there’s no way those people can give up the superior flavor of grass-fed steak or burgers from the grill.

Mother nature to the rescue again. Several studies confirm that soaking meat in a marinade before grilling that contain either acidic or herbal ingredients for at least 30 minutes prior to cooking, can help significantly reduce the content of potential cancer-causing agents.WheresMyBeef?

Is Melatonin A Safe Supplement?

Generally, melatonin is considered safe, but does it have an imbalancing effect?

Mayo Clinic conclusions leave the usage of melatonin as a supplement for sleep disorders and most every category that melatonin has been studied for, inconclusive. This statement, or similar follows each category that melatonin has been tried for; `More well-designed trials are needed before a conclusion can be made`. Or, `Further high-quality research is needed`.

There are more permanent natural sleep stimulating aids available, one is even warranted for satisfaction, and is a one time purchase.

How well are you sleeping nightly? More Sleep Please