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Incredible Insight to Natural Health

Join us every third Thursday for an incredible discovery and adventure is getting control of your health without dieting, exercising, pills, drugs, or special formula drinks or supplements. Click here to learn more.

Kick Up The Heels

Join us every third Wednesday for a fun and exciting time when we showcase and teach you classic dance steps like: Electric Slide, Line Dances, and other creative dances that will get you moving. Meet and make friends each week.

Cooking Classes

Every second Wednesday we are cooking up some incredible dishes that are easy and fun to prepare. Featuring Magnetic Induction Cooking that requires no heat - amazing stuff!

Smoothie Reveals

Every third Monday we will reveal a tasty and easy recipes for refreshing summer drinks that are healthy. These are some of the most addictive smoothies and veggie drinks you'll encounter. Easy and fun to prepare.
Cultured Veggies

Why should you consider cultured veggies? The answer may shock you. Click here to learn more.

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