ION Health Center's Expert Panel

Thanks for the hard and relentless work by:

    Mark Coussoule - Lead Cellular Health Researcher - Certified Health Planner - Magnetologist
    When it comes to "getting to the root of better health," Mark's relentless passion for researching 1000s of scientific research, health studies, and ongoing research studies focused on the root causes of poor health and solutions for building a stronger foundation for better health. Mark has earned the accolades of being right on point when it comes to transforming your health through simple education of understanding how the body heals itself.

    Education is the key to transforming one's health and Mark's unique approach is well received as inspiring, informative and entertaining.

    Liane Page - Certified Health Planner - Certified Sleep Coach - Raw Mixologist - Magnetologist
    Liane’s enthusiast's exploration of the history of juicing and raw mixology has earned Liane a resounding applause from people with her unique method of uniting fruits, veggies and other ingredients into healthy and tasty recipes that people enjoy. Liane's passionate pursuit of whipping out recipes for healthy fruit and veggie packed drinks and made-to-order raw vegetable soups is an art backed by science.

    Clay Page - Certified Health Planner - Certified Sleep Coach - Magnetologist
    Since 2008 Clay has established inroads with National Charities (left) that have approved our product line and services as a fundraising method that can easily be integrated into their fundraising events. Combined with all of the other venues (above) that are being developed, we NEED people who may be interested in a life-rewarding opportunity and become part of our mission.

    Dr. Margo King, Ph.D, BS, MDS, DN
    Dr. King specializes in Naturology, which seeks to focus on healing by getting to the “root cause” of the problem, rather than suppressing the symptoms. Dr. King’s approach to your health and well-being is totally personalized and individual, and recognizes the integrity of the whole person. To help serve you better, Dr. King is currently available for consultation. Please take a moment in the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of our online conference center to converse, enjoy, and discover a refreshing approach to healing naturally.

    Norma Jean, BHN, CT,
    Norma Jean's 45 years of experience as an aesthetician affords her the unique ability to approach skin care topically as well as internally. With over 45 years in the beauty and health industries Norma Jean adheres to the principles she teaches, and counsels others in appropriate dietary choices and topical skin care products for healthy beautiful skin. Her consultations not only help those seeking a more youthful appearance, but also include the understanding that as individuals, each of us require different choices to achieve one's own best health felt internally, and seen externally.

    Dr. Dora Kiser, Ph.D
    Certified Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist. Dr. Dora co-worked as educator for colleges in Poland and since 2010 column author (“Smile to your life” ) in a popular Polish magazine about healthy lifestyle and anti-aging. Since 2005 President of Polish Association for Trainer and Instructor of Laughter Yoga. She works also with individuals & groups helping them to get educated about how to improve their life and health, smile and laugh more, cope with stress and make their relationships better.

    Alicia Whitmore
    Alicia is our lastest State Director for the state of Minnesota and Alicia's 21 years of experience in the medical field is yielding professional leads across the USA. We are in the development stage of presenting our product at National and International Conferences where 1000s of leads will be developed.

    Susan Scott
    Susan is our lastest Dealer in south Florida and Susan's 30 plus years of experience in the insurance (medical) is opening new doors of opportunties because of the "Health Care Reform" sweeping across America. Susan's insights into "Group Policies - Underwritting" presents a new opportunity to develop large corporate accounts interested in providing "preventive and natural" health care to their employees.

    Robin Carroll-Bostwick
    Robin is our National Director of Equine and Pet Therapy Research and is forging new ground in Natural Earth Pet Therapy with world renown polo players, racehorse trainers, breeders and vets. Robin travels throughout the east coast and has over her 30 years of equine experience as a breeder herself, established connections around the world. A lot of exciting developments ongoing.


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