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Ion Health Center offers two services:
  • A newsletter published monthly with the latest news and insights fashioned around humor. Electronic Subscription: You can also subscribe to the e-version of Ion Health News magazine. This sends an email to you each month with a link to the online PDF which you can download onto your computer or iPad.

  • An online health database and support center with years' worth of health research and information.
Ion Health Online Health Database and Support Center

By joining our online community, you can gain access to our health database and support center where you can ask our research team just about anything concerning health and wellbeing.

To read any article on the Ion Health Center website you must first register which is 100% free. A free membership gives you the short summary of an article. As a paying member you get more access to the full research database depending on what membership level you subscribe to.

Our Online Memberships

We have three levels of access to the Ion Health Center website.

These are Bronze, Silver and Gold.

To find out more about membership levels please click here.

As a health and wellbeing information resource, we cannot offer advice on any specific problem. Instead, we offer general information that may be helpful in finding the right treatment for you. You shouldn't start, stop or alter any therapy without first consulting with a qualified health practitioner. The information we provide provides you with a better understanding of a subject / topic wherein the chief objective of the information is to arm you with the knowledge to better communicate your needs with your health care provider.


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